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Jordan Alan Making History with First Release of a 4k Feature Film, “Cats Dancing on Jupiter”

Bliss Sinema is releasing “Cats Dancing on Jupiter”, a film by Jordan Alan on May 4, 2015. This exciting thriller revolves around two twenty-something girls living it up in LA, leading a life of partying, drugs and casual sex, until it’s revealed that a dark past haunts them and influences them to put themselves in …. dangerous situations.
Cats Dancing on Jupiter was produced and directed by Jordan Alan (Terminal Bliss, Gentleman Bandit, Love and Happiness) and executive produced by Cassian Elwes (Dallas Buyers Club, The Butler, Lawless) and boasts an eclectic cast including:
Amanda Righetti – An award-winning Actress who has been on the covers of both Maxim and FHM making their top ten lists on numerous occasions, Amanda fought hard to build a serious acting career. This weekend, she can be seen in the final episode of the CBS hit show The Mentalist (2/15/15) and will be costarring in the upcoming USA series Colony. Amanda starred in Michael Bay’s 2009 hit Friday the 13th, as well as Marvel’s Captain America.

Jonathan Bennett – An actor known for his roles in Mean Girls, Van Wilder, and Divorce Invitation, as well as his roles in the television series Veronica Mars and All My Children.

Anneliese van der Pol – An actress and singer, known for her role in television series That’s So Raven and the film Vampires Suck.
Richard Grieco – Artist, actor and former fashion model known for his roles in television series 21 Jump Street and Booker, as well as the film If Looks Could Kill and several others.

Erica Taylor – An actress, gorgeous model, and professional poker player that has been featured in many commercial modeling projects and magazines. This film represents her introduction.

Cats Dancing on Jupiter will make history as the first film to be released online with the capability to be streamed in full 4k quality. 2k and HD versions will also be available. The film will also be offered in its original 7.1 Dolby surround sound.
Director Jordan Alan on the 4k release, “It’s inevitable that the internet will be the future gateway for film distribution, but what excites me most is being able to present a film in 4k which is 4 times higher quality that of a Kodak Vision print in a movie theater at an eighth of the cost to the viewer. Go, Pro’s remarkable break through with their latest 4k Hero 4, along with Samsung and Sony’s ultra-high definition monitors all at affordable prices are opening up the playing field for an incredible viewer experience in the comfort of their homes.”

The funding for the release of the film is being crowd-sourced by a Kickstarter campaign. The film will soon be available for pre-order at

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